When we started VisionEdge Marketing in 1999, a key tenet for growth was performance excellence. We had, and still have, a passion to integrate customer-centricity, alignment, and accountability into planning and budgeting. Back then, the only options for planning and budgeting were documents, spreadsheets, and presentation tools. They all fell far short of achieving excellence. So, based on work we had done in our careers, we developed a business framework that:

  • creates a direct line of sight between activities, investments, and business results.
  • integrates measures into every level of a plan for an organizational function
  • produces an outcome-based budget for an organizational function
  • provides a performance management dashboard

We named our SaaS application, Accelance, to reflect our focus on accelerating performance excellence.

Accelance® Connecting Activities and Investments to Business Results™ is an essential patented framework and application for organizations aspiring to transform from activity-based to outcome-based as part of their alignment, accountability, and performance management and measurement journey. This architectural approach is unlike anything you’ve ever used before to build your plan, define your measures and metrics, and lay the foundation for your scorecards and dashboards. The Accelance process enables you to improve and prove the value, impact, and contribution of a function to the organization.

The Accelance® application employs a mapping technique to help clarify, improve, and communicate a function’s alignment and accountability. The mapping technique integrates measures and performance targets to produce a customer-centric outcome-based plan, referred to as a blueprint. The blueprint this application produces serves as a visual plan of action that facilitates a function’s alignment to the business by providing direct line-of-sight between activities and investments with business results. It has the unique advantage of helping you establish performance targets and measures that form logic and data chains that then become the building blocks for performance reporting.

Use the application to produce a customer-centric measurable plan of action (the blueprint), an outcome-based budget, track tasks and their completion as well as performance to targets.

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